Speech, Arts & Drama

By mastering the foundation, students gain confidence, self-esteem and personal growth.  As a result, they are prepared for the world stage.  Students will learn to act, perform, and make effective speeches and presentations.  Students will achieve academic excellence.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Trinity College of London, Guildhall, England – International Accredited Examinations whereby an examiner will fly from England and assess the students’ work at the end of the school year.  Students may enter into numerous streams such as Speech Arts & Drama, Communication Skills and Performance Arts.

Our students participate in numerous local festivals throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  They have participated at the provincial and national competitions that include Ontario Music Festival Association and Federation of Canadian Music Festival.  Many students have won numerous awards and scholarships and have been awarded over $12 600 in prize monies.

Make your mark on a local, provincial, national, and international level.  Participate.  Get involved.  Be apart of a unique experience.  Challenge yourself.  Put yourself ahead.
Be distinct.

Speech Arts & Drama (6 years old – young adult)

The Trinity College London syllabus provides “a structured framework designed to encourage the progressive development of integrated performance and communication skills over time.”

Students will learn about public speaking, acting skills, characterization, poetry speaking, improvisation, reading aloud, articulation, mime, storytelling, learning parts from plays, drama games and an appreciation for English Literature.

Please visit the website  www.trinitycollege.co.uk